Acca sellowiana / Feijoa


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Family: Myrtaceae
Genus: Acca
Species: sellowiana
Pineapple Guava


Originally native to southeastern Brazil and northernmost Argentina, this shrub or small tree is now widely cultivated around the world for its edible fruits, as well as for its ornamental qualities. Acca sellowiana grows to about 5 m tall and forms a dense, rounded crown of small leaves that are grayish furry underneath. The pinkish flowers have prominent red stamens and are followed by plum-sized, yellowish-green fruits that are amazingly delicious, highly aromatic, lightly acidic, and remind of pineapple and strawberries. They are eaten raw or used in jams, juices, or sauces.


Propagation: Seeds / cuttings
Pre-Treatment:  No
Sowing Time: All year round
Sowing Deep: Surface sow
Sowing Mix: Coir or sowing mix add  sand or perlite
Germination Temperature: 20-25°C
Location: Keep constantly moist, not wet
Germination Time: ca. 4-12 weeks

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