Trollius chinensis Golden Queen


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Perennial, winter-hardy flower with bright orange flowers that appear from late spring to late summer. Likes direct sun or partial shade, reaches 90 cm in height and needs moderate watering. Can be used as a cut flower. In autumn, it loses its above-ground part, and in spring, the vegetation starts again. The plant attracts insects and is a honey-bearing species.

Sowing: Most species of the Ranunculus family need lower temperatures during the cooling period – about –5°C [23°F]. In other respects follow the directions in 1. above. The reason is probably the freezing point of these seeds, which is at –7°C [19°F], while most other seeds freeze at –5°C [23°F].

Cold-germinators are still referred to as frost-germinators, although this isn’t quite correct. The sowing must be kept warm (about +18 to +22°C) [about 64 to 72°F] and moist for the first 2–4 weeks. After this period the sowing must be kept at a cold temperature (between –4 and +4°C) [between 25 and 39°F] for another 4–6 weeks. Colder temperatures of –5°C [23°F] are only advantageous for most species of the Ranunculus family. It is not so important if the temperature is higher or lower during the cooling period, but the cooling period has to be prolonged because the synthesis of the germination inducer, hormone-like acid, slows down or comes to a standstill.
It is beneficial to cover the sowing with snow during the cooling period. The temperature below it usually keeps in the optimum range of –4 to 0°C [25 to 32°F]. The sowing is kept moist, and the melting snow helps to destroy the shell, which is advantageous for germinating seedlings. After this cooling period, the sowing may not be immediately exposed to high temperatures. The most effective temperatures are between +5 to +12°C [41 to 54°F], even if germination has started. The best location for this sowing, even in March, April, and May, is the open field, the cold frame or a cold greenhouse.


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