Ramonda Serbica




Family: Gesneriaceae
Serbian Ramonda, Phoenix flower, Natalijina Ramonda,

Endemic to Serbia is this pretty plant with light purple flowers and yellow centers. It has a special talent for being able to “come back to life”; even when completely dehydrated for some time, it will return to life when watered. It was named after the Serbian queen Natalija Obrenovic and is also known as the phoenix flower, referring to the resurrection of the Serbian State after the destruction during World War I.

Caution! The seed enclosed is minute and very valuable. Open with great care. Sow indoors as soon as possible, fresh seed germinates best. Prior to sowing mix dust-like seed with a little silver sand to aid sowing. Surface sow onto moist, well-drained seed compost. Do not cover seed, simply press into the soil. Ideal temp. 15-20°C. Germination takes up to 1-2 months but can be erratic. If germination does not occur cold stratify. Move to 4°C. for 4-6 weeks then remove to warmth for germination. Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle to individual pots and grow on. Acclimatize and plant out after the danger of frost has passed.

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Portion / approx 25 seeds


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