Carlina acaulis




Carlina acaulis is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows without a tree from the genus Asteraceae.
The root (Carlinae radix) was used as a drug in kindergartens: floor condition (about 2%); inulin (about 20%) tannins, resins; wax; bitter mothers. Enjoy folk medicine as a diuretic; diaphoretic; antispasmodic; holagog, sedative; tonic. Work against microbes, the fungus is also used to treat wounds. The principle is used for diseases of the urogenital tract and for cramps in the digestive tract. The natural resources of this large are sufficiently depleted and are partially protected (limited collection).


Sowing: Indoors from December to March at a temperature over 18 ° C, sow the seeds in pots to a maximum depth of 0.3 cm – sprinkle with a light substrate. Cover with nylon or a transparent lid, remove the same when the seeds germinate. Water moderately enough to have moisture for germination. Transplant the plants outdoors when the danger of frost passes. It is sown outdoors directly from autumn to the end of winter.

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