Baptisia leucophaea


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Family: Papilionaceae
Genus: Baptisia
Species: Australis

Originally from Central America, winter-hardy. It is easily propagated by seeds and with rhizomes. The rhizomes are branched and deep so that the plant can withstand drought and summer heat.
The flowers are cream in color and appear in the correct racemes (chains) from spring to late summer. After flowering, pods with seeds are formed, which remain attached to the stem. The plant retreats during the winter and discards the aboveground part. Every spring, the plant sheds more and more flowering trees.


Reproduction: By seed / division

Before treatment: Pour hot water over the seeds and leave in the same 24 – 48 hours or damage the membrane.

Sowing: All-year-round in the substrate at a depth of 5 – 10 mm

Germination: Temperature 25-30 C, germinates in 2 – 12 weeks.

Location: Requires direct light and moderate humidity.

Zone resistance: 3a / -39.9 C (-40 F)

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