Aquilegia Barlow Mixed


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Aquilegia vulgaris

Columbine with the most gorgeous, pompom flowers. A showpiece for the cottage garden border and very easy to grow. Up to 80 cm. Makes a great cut flower. This perennial also has attractive multi-lobed green leaves. Handles a range of soils in full sun or part shade.

Sow Columbine seeds in starter trays indoor 6 – 8 weeks before last expected frost. Press the flower seeds into the soil but do not cover them. Light is beneficial to germination. Or, Columbine flower seed can be directly sown into prepared seedbeds with loosened, weed-free soil after frost season has passed. Sow the Columbine seeds in groups of 3 – 4, and space the seed groups 16 inches apart. Sowing Direct: Sprinkling seeds straight onto the ground in late-summer. Rake so that the seeds are covered with a small amount of soil. The seeds will germinate by the following spring.

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0.2gr / approx 100+ seeds


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