Angelica Gigas


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Family: Apiaceae
Genus: Angelica

Impressive and elegant architectural plant. The blooms are extremely attractive to pollinators and are excellent for cutting, and there is an added bonus of fabulous seedpods to follow the flowering season. Most of the plant is edible.

Germination is erratic, for best results cold stratify
Sow indoors. Sow 5mm deep into moist seed compost, 20°C. If germination does not occur after 3 weeks lower temp. to 5°C. for 2-3 weeks then return to 20°C where germination should occur in 14-28 days but may take much longer. Prick out into 8cm pots as seedlings develop. Grow on in a cold frame over winter. Transplant to final growing position the following spring.
Prefers fertile, well-drained, moist soil. Shelter from the wind. Keep moist, and mulch in hot weather. Could benefit from fertilizing in early spring and again in summer. Cut and come again variety. Cut flowers regularly to encourage growth and prolong the flowering window. Deadhead if you do not want it to self-seed.

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