Agastache Apache Sunset




New cultivar

Agastache grows 75 to 90cm (30 to 36in), and the plants are sturdy and do not need staking. The leaves are highly fragrant, the aromatic leaves are edible. Young growth can be added to salads, decorate cakes, to make tea. Flower blooms throughout the summer and is ideal for cutting, blooms the first year-an early sowing, and can be used as an annual. Winter hardy to zone 6. These are easy to grow and easy to care, for in dry soils and sunny positions. Agastache is a wonder honey plant, it is an important crop for commercial honey production. The flowers produce nectar that makes light, good-quality honey.

Sow the seed thinly March-May direct into a finely raked, moist, warm, weed-free soil 6mm(¼”) deep covering the seed lightly. Thin out the seedlings to achieve a final spacing of about 15cm (6″). In early autumn transplant to final flowering positions 30cm (12″) apart for flowering the following summer. May also be sown under glass in February/March for planting in June and flowering in September/October the same year.

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