Agapanthus praecox / Large Blue


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Evergreen perennial with pale blue flowers in mid to late summer.  Plants have strap-like foliage and a long flowering season from July to September, plants grows 60-90cm in height when in flower, and is well suited to a smaller garden and to growing in pots. Hardy evergreen perennial – from zone 4. Agapanthus prefers well-drained soil in a sunny or partially shaded site, with plenty of water in the summer. The leaves may die back if frosted too hard but plants often survive and re-grow in spring. Container plants can be brought into a greenhouse over winter.

Sowing: from spring to autumn. Sow seeds covering them with compost/substrate 5mm deep, in a cool, well-lit spot outdoors. Many species will only germinate in the spring after a good chilling or freezing in the moist seed tray in the winter. Grow on seedlings in small pots before planting out into sharply draining compost in a pot or the open ground in a well-drained spot. Plants generally flower in the third or fourth season. The leaves are evergreen and remain on the plant in winter, they may die down if heavily frosted .

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