Achillea millefolium Red Velvet




Vigorous mat-forming perennial to 60cm tall, with finely divided leaves and leafy stems bearing flat heads 10cm across, composed of many small rose-red flowers opening throughout the summer. Achillea can be mat-forming or upright perennials, mostly herbaceous, with sometimes aromatic, pinnately divided, or simple and toothed leaves and flattened clusters of small, daisy-like flower heads.
Cultivation: An open sunny position in moist but well-drained soil is best, but it will tolerate most situations apart from heavy, wet clay in winter.

Easy to grow and manage, you can sow seed directly outdoors in moist but well-drained soil in an open site in full sun, although most will tolerate a wide range of soils and conditions. Sow indoors. Surface sow onto moist well-drained seed compost. Do not cover seeds as light aids germination. Propagate or place somewhere warm 18-25°C. Water from the base of the tray only.

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0.10gr / approx 600-+ seeds


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