Combretum indicum / Rangoon creeper


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Beautiful shrubby vine with pale-pink to deep crimson star shaped flowers that are borne in tight clusters, covering the entire plant when in full bloom. It’s scent is unforgettable, sweet, fruity and intoxicating. Grows best at temperatures above 40 degrees. The fragrant flowers are born in clusters and each flower has many variations of color, depending on how old the flower is. The flower starts out white and or pink striped and turn solid pink and finally dark pink on maturity. Leaves – opposite, oblong or obovate. Flowers – short, axillary and terminal drooping racemes, white first and then rosy or scarlet, with a narrow tube. Fruit; oblong, with sharp angles, glabrous, black. Flowers and fruits during May to September. It will die back in lower temperatures but should come back in the spring. Zone 11, Hibernate min. 10-15°C

Seeds per packet: 5

Sowing Instruction:
Propagation: Seeds/Cuttings
Pre-Treatment: Nick seed then put in water 24h
Sowing Time: all year round
Sowing Deep: min 2-3 cm
Sowing Mix: Coir or sowing mix + sand or perlite
Germination Temperature:  25-30°C
Location: bright + keep constantly moist, not wet
Germination Time: ca. 6-12 weeks

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5 seeds


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