Trachelium caeruleum Lake Louise Blue


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Scientific Name : Trachelium caeruleum
Common Name : Throat Flower


This species bears dome-shaped flower heads several inches across that are crowded with tiny, tubular blue flowers. It has lance-shaped, toothed leaves in hues of cordovan purple or deep green brushed with plum highlights. It blooms over a long season. Though it is a perennial, blue throatwort performs wonderfully as an annual and blooms summer to fall. Plants grow to about 3 feet tall and wide. Not only perfect for cutting but also making a great pot plant.

Lake Louise Series
Transplant in late Spring through Summer for Summer through early Autumn flowering.


Propagation: Seeds
Pre-Treatment: No
Sowing Time:  Spring
Sowing Deep: Do not cover  the seed,  keep media evenly moist but not saturated.
Sowing Mix: Requires rich fertile soil. Soil pH 6.0
Germination : For 5-7 days at 16-21°C
Transplanting: Transplant when the second true leaves unfold.


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