Nigella orientalis Transformer


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Nigella ‘Transformer’ adds intriguing texture with its uniquely shaped flowers and upright, seed pods. Unlike the Nigella ‘Love in a Mist’ that produces watermelon-like pods, these curious seed pods have long tentacles and are pretty unusual looking. Used fresh or dried seed pods are a great filler in bouquets. Growing to a height up to 60cm (24in), the plants have fine ferny green foliage and produce unusual tall yellow flowers.
Interesting as a cut flower, both fresh and dried. Cut and come again variety. Cut flowers regularly to encourage growth and to prolong the flowering window. Deadhead if you do not want it to self-seed.

Sowing: Sow direct. Sow 3mm deep in rows that are 30cm apart. Ideal germination temp. 18-20°C. Germination takes 10-21 days approx. Thin seedlings to 25cm spacing when large enough to handle. Can be sown in autumn for flowering the following year.


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1gr / approx 250 seeds


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