Datura Lavender Lilac




Datura Stramonium

Compact evergreen shrub with large leaves and upward-big trumpet-shaped purple-white flowers, scented in the evening, followed by ornamental fruits. Perennial in Zone 8-10.

Sow directly outdoors in May. Prior to sowing soak seed in warm water for 24 hours. Sow thinly in drills 90cm apart. Just cover the seed with a little soil. Ideal temp. 12-18°C. Germination takes 1-3 weeks approx. Once germinated thin as required. Sow indoors in Feb-Mar. or under glass in April. Plant out after the danger of frost has passed.

Please note that seeds and all parts of the plant for all Datura species are poisonous. 

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1gr / approx 100+- seeds


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