Catharanthus roseus / Vinca nana r. Madagascar


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Vinka is a plant of warm regions, and its origin is the Tropics. It is a very adaptable species and tolerates high summer temperatures very well. Flowering begins in April and it lasts until the first frosts. The fibrous root system is well developed and the plant is of stable growth. The height is on average 20 cm, but newer varieties give other characteristics. They have a slightly flattened habitus, which enables its different use. The colors are in a wide range of tones, from white, pink, red, purple, to new varieties of attractive apricot color.

Vinca can be propagated generatively and vegetatively. We start sowing in January, which can be moved to February, but you should know that flowering will start later. It is sown in the prepared peat substrate with a pH value of 5.5-6. Slight coverage is needed after sowing. The seedling appears in a week if the temperature in the greenhouse is 24-26 ° C. Vinca is looking for the optimal temperature of the soil, so it should not be below 20 ° C. The relative humidity must be around 80%, and it needs enough light. In relation to the humidity of the soil, watering is done. Vinka requires more air moisture than soil moisture. It should be placed in sunny positions. It tolerates planting in free space very well. Blooms until frost. It is resistant to disease.

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