Nyctanthes arbor-tristis


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Night Flowering Jasmine, Lakshmi, The goddess of wealth, Coral Jasmine, Tree of Sadness

Indian jasmine is a shrub or a small tree in the Oleaceae family. Grows up to 5 to 7 meters tall and can grow as an indoor plant in a pot,  The fragrant flowers can have 5-8 lobes with an orange center. They prefer full sun to partial shade.  Zone 10-11. A native to Southeast Asia and South Asia. The plant has the power to cure fever, intestinal sickness, and dengue. The leaves can be made into a tonic which helps in working on joint pain, clogging, and worm infestation. Its leaves are great for immunity.


Method 1. Fold 2 sheets of paper towel in half twice. Place 5 seeds in the middle of the paper towels. Place seeds inside a Ziploc bag. Pour water into a Ziploc bag so paper towels are soaked inside the bag. Lay flat in a bright spot and keep the temperature 85-95F. A heat mat will help. Add water daily to keep it wet. Seeds germinate in 7 days. Transfer to pots and keep warm.

Method 2. Spread the seeds evenly on the planting soil, do not bury them, compress them into the surface of the soil, and keep soil moisture. The seeds will germinate within 60-80 days.

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