Bowiea volubilis


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Family: Asparagaceae
Genus: Bowiea
Species: volubilis
Sea onion, Climbing onion, Zulo Potato


Interesting long-living succulent, perennial bulb. The climbing onion has a peculiar climbing growth from a large green-brown bulb. Sugar reservoirs and water are stored in this bulb to survive drought periods. Protect from the heat in summer. Light shade to full sun, keep bulb shaded. It likes well-drained, organic soil (e.g. use a mixture for cactus  + normal potting soil) and regular watering during the active growing season. Let the soil become rather dry before watering again

Sowing :
Sow the seeds in a mix of sowing mix and sand (1:1) and only cover lightly. Cover with plastic or glass and germinate in a light spot at 20-25 degrees Celsius. Keep the soil moist.

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