Egyptian Walking Onions


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This ancient perennial variety dates back to the time of the Pharaohs . This is a top set type, which produces seed in the form of tiny onions or bulbils. During mid-summer, each plant sends up a tall stalk with a cluster of these onions on top. When the stalk dries down, it will fall over or “walk” bringing the bulbils to soil level. The rains of autumn will cause these to sprout and form new plants. We harvest and collect these bulbils, cure them, bring them indoors where they can be stored for many months. They can be planted in early autumn on the coast and early spring everywhere else. Planting depth is 1 inch and 6 inches apart. This onion produces fresh greens in spring and fall and shallot size bulbs with strong flavour. Cover with straw or leaves for winter protection.

10 bulbs

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10 bulbs


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