Swiss Chard ‘Pink Passion `


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Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla
Family: Amaranthaceae

Stem chard, spinach beet, leaf beet.

Leafy vegetable that makes a good alternative to spinach. Recent nutritional analysis has shown that Swiss chard is second only to spinach on the world’s healthiest vegetable list. Simply pick the delicious leaves or stems as required for use in salads/garnishes, or steamed. Can be used like ornamental chards, ideal for the flower border.


Seeds per packet: 1gr / approx 50-100 – + seeds 


  • Direct sow: Late April to mid-July. Optimal soil temperature: 10-26°C. Seeds will germinate in 5-12 days
  • Indoor sow: All Year
  • Sow 1cm (½”) deep, 5-10cm (2-4″) apart in rows 30-45cm (12-18″) apart.
  • Harvest at any size,  taking care not to damage the growing point.





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