‘Beck’s Big Buck Horn’ Bamija-Okra


Family: Malvaceae

Genus: Abelmoschus

Species: esuculentus

Cultivar: Beck’s Big Buck Horn

It is one of the most sought after cultivars, out of all species we grew this was the largest one. It grew over 2m tall. The fruits are very big and filled, the size of a stuffing pepper. It can be used like that, or it can be dried. The fruits are produced until the first frosts

Ocra is a bushy plant, branched and can grow to a hight of 100 cm. The flowers last for a day, like the hibiscus flower. They are from the same family of Malvaceae. The fruit is used in multiple ways : Fresh, processed, dried, freezed – it stays good for a year in the freezer.
It is a heat loving plant, sown in April and May. Green unripe fruits are used. It requires a lot of water


Seeds in packet: 


Propagation: Seeds

Pre-treatment : /

Sowing : April/May

Germination: Few days to few weeks

Location: Moist sunny position

Hardiness zone : /


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