Puya Weberiana / Carmine Princess Flower


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Absolutely spectacular bromeliad from dry, rocky, high elevation grasslands of the Andes in Argentina in the provinces of Salta and Tucumán. It forms a compact rosette of narrow leaves that are light green and red tipped above and silvery below. It produces a massive, short-stalked inflorescence that is densely covered in bright pink, densely wooly bracts. Puya weberiana has not been in cultivation before but would likely succeed in cool Mediterranean climates such as coastal California.

Seeds per packet: 10

Sowing Instruction:
Propagation: Seeds / Division
Pre-Treatment: No
Sowing Time:A ll year round
Sowing Deep: Light germinator! Cover slightly with substrate
Sowing Mix: Coir, pure sand or sowing mix, add perlite
Germination Temperature: Over 20°C


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