Calceolaria mix


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The genus Calceolaria contains about 300 species of plants. The slipper-like flower appears in inflorescences of several flowers. The flower consists of two lips, the upper of which is small, reminiscent of a balloon, and the lower is larger and hanging.

There are one-color, two-color (spotted) and colorful – tiger. The colors are primarily yellow, orange and red with numerous transitions. We use them to decorate balconies and windows as well as the apartments themselves. The plant itself is a delicate, herbaceous structure, and during flowering it should be kept in a bright, airy place, protected from the strong sun. Watering is very moderate and never leaves water standing in the tray. Provide it with enough moisture in the air so that you cannot get rid of the leaves. To produce flowering, you should apply one of the liquid flower beds every two weeks.
The peduncle can be easily propagated by seeds. Seeds that are very small are sown from February to July on the surface of the substrate for someone else’s and only lightly pressed hair. Neophodic moisture is provided to the seeds by occasional spraying of the seeds, which should be kept protected from the sun. When the young plants grow and develop enough, the plants should be carefully transplanted. Since the plant likes acidic soil, it is good to use peat substrate pH 4.7-5.6. When the plants have grown enough (September), transplant them into smaller, individual pots. Young plants should write a light spot and a temperature of 5–10 C. You need to run computers, because the pedal can not withstand high temperatures. They seek a bright position, but do not tolerate the sun. It will bloom at the end of winter.

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