Buddleja davidii


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Well, known and much loved colorful shrub which will flower from mid-summer to autumn, producing an abundance of fragrant flowers that are very attractive to butterflies. An easy shrub to grow from seed which can flower the first year from an early sowing. Also easy to maintain – cut back hard in spring for best results.

USDA Zones: 5 – 9

Buddleja seeds are relatively easy to germinate and grow in the correct conditions are provided. The seeds must have light and very high levels of humidity to enable germination to take place. Sow at any time of the year.  Sow on the surface of moist, peat-based seed compost, eg. Levington in pots or trays. For best results do not cover the seed. Place in the fridge or other cold place between 2-5C for 4 weeks as a cold period helps break dormancy and improve germination. Then, move to a propagator or seal in a polythene bag and maintain an optimum temperature of 18-22C. Make sure that the compost remains moist but take care not to over-wet it. Germination usually occurs in 20 -30 days. As the seedlings emerge, gradually increase ventilation by opening the bag or propagator vents.


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