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Katsura Tree

Katsura tree is a deciduous, single or multi-trunked plant, known as the Japanese Judas-tree, is a species of flowering tree in the Cercidiphyllaceae family that commonly goes by the name Katsura tree. It is native to China and Japan. The tree is deciduous and grows to 40 to 60 feet. Grown for its beautiful shape and its attractive round-oval leaves 10 cm (4″) long resemble those of a small redbud. The leaves emerge reddish-purple in spring, mature to medium green with a slight bluish in summer, and turn quality shades of gold, orange and red in autumn. The tree flowers inMarch or April and produces winged seeds. Zone: 4 to 8

Sowing: Surface sows onto moist well-drained seed compost in individual deep pots, press seeds into the soil, just cover with grit or sand. The pots can be placed inside a polythene bag to help maintain moisture levels. Germination on + 20°C. Autumn planted seeds should emerge the following spring. Plant out after 1 year.

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